From the beginning, For Arts Sake was founded with a vision to deliver the best-selling cards and gift products to retailers with unmatched variety and quality.

At Carol Wilson Fine Arts Inc./For Arts Sake USA our goal is to maintain our high level of success from our parent company, while at the same time introducing the USA market to high quality greeting cards and gift products which For Arts Sake represents. Our USA corporate office and warehouse are proud to be located in Marietta, GA (15 miles north of Atlanta)

We have distributors and retailers worldwide who are our partners in providing high quality cards and gifts to the marketplace. Including many US distributors we partner with distributors in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, the Czech Republic and many other locales.

Thousands and thousands of retailers carry our highly sought after and retail selling star Carol Wilson Fine Arts Inc. Known for deep embossing and die-cutting the Carol Wilson Fine Arts brand is like no other. With timeless designs and gorgeous embossing, giving or receiving a Carol Wilson Fine Arts card or embossed portfolio notecard is like getting or giving a gift!

Our objective
• To provide our customers with the highest quality products at a great price
• To assist our customers in increasing their sales and profitability
• To offer our customers new product throughout the year
• To partner our growth with increased profit for our retailers

Why choose For Arts Sake USA
• We provide the highest quality products and offer a 100% exchange allowance
• Our cards and gifts will increase your sales and profitability
• We provide point of sale material to support your greeting cards
• We support independent retailers
• We offer free fixture programs
• We constantly introduce new products throughout the year
• Our cards and gift product are proven sellers

I thank all of you for taking the time to consider Carol Wilson Fine Arts Inc./For Arts Sake USA and allowing us to show you how we can increase your sales and profitability.

Jeff Driscoll
Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing, North American Operations, International Sales
Carol Wilson Fine Arts Inc./For Arts Sake USA